Yvonne and Lisa

Jennifer and Brandon

Melanie and Chris

Debbie and Robert

Jaimie's Bat Mitzvah

Maria and Gary

Karin and Kevin

Lois and Les

Renee and Will

Kim and Jason

Amy and Dana

Amanda and Dan

Andrea and Jose

Katie and Chris

Heidi and Dave

Michelle and Dar

Jessica and Brian

Amy and Arthur


Sarah and Steve

Charlene and Bob

Deena and Peter

Loralyn and Jason

Maria and Chris

Marcia and Richard

Claudine and Jay

Lesley and Ben

Sara and Arthur

Kim and Lou

Jessica and Mike

Renee and Frank

Lindsay and Antonio

Helia and Alicia

Angela and Dan

Audrey and Robert

Rosalyn and Chris

Dana and Rob

Suzanne and Dan

Jennifer and Tom

Jake Samiljan

Kelly and Doug

Jerlyn and Andy

Cathy and Jeff

Allison and Scott

Melissa and Chris

Heather and Kyle

Monique and Matt

Kristyn and Chris

Melyssa and Michael

Katie and Jason

Carrie and Justin

Jessica and Frank

Cathy and Brian

Amy and Sean

Colinda and Jeff

Laurie and Randy